2011, 04/05. Questions for Current Members of The Church of Bible Understanding to Ask and Answer. (From Mike Montoya.)

This is a post from Mike Montoya’s website, where he has assembled the most comprehensive collection of materials about The Church of Bible Understanding available on the web.  Mike periodically updates his Front Page, with comments and questions for those who are still members of COBU.


Questions for Current Members of The Church of Bible Understanding to Ask and Answer:

It has been a while since concluding what Stewart Traill is. I am settled on this truth and hope that those who read pages on this web site will be persuaded by what I have posted and concluded. One of my desires in starting and maintaining this web site has been and is now for current and ex-members of the Church of Bible Understanding to ask questions of themselves and ask questions about Stewart Traill and COBU and not stop until they get answers. In short, to test all things, test themselves, test their leader, test and question the design of things, the way we were taught, what we were taught. Stewart was never tested at the beginning of this thing and 40 years later he still leads and still does and says things without any accountability. Here are some questions current members can ask so as to live a life in Jesus worthy of the call. For current members especially, if you go on your way without testing Stewart, his teaching, and your very loyalty to him and not Jesus, then you are led astray and Our Lord sees this. If you care at all about your relationship with our Lord Jesus, then you will ask these questions and get answers and then act faithfully to the truth who is Jesus.


1.) Do you study the Bible and learn from the Holy Spirit, the will of God?

2.) Do you hold Stewart to account for his duties as pastor of your church?

3.) Is it true that Stewart travels with Tim McAndrews’ daughter alone? Is Stewart traveling with any female who is not his wife, alone?

4.) Have any of you brothers and sisters held Stewart accountable about his faithfulness to his wife Gayle?

5.) Stewart directly told you that he was one of the main reasons the brothers do not get married in COBU. Have any of the brothers since 1989 gotten married?

6.) Has Stewart continued to stop or impede relationships in COBU? Why?

7.) Are all the brethren in COBU being honest and faithful with the money they earn?

8.) Are brothers and sisters in COBU committing the sin of fornication?

9.) Is Stewart Traill being pure when accessing online services on church computers or his personal computers?

10.) Have any of the church board members discussed having a hearing and dismissing Stewart for his past and present behavior?

11.) Are the sisters telling the truth about what Stewart did to them? Are they speaking the truth about Stewart’s current behavior?

My brethren, I believe Stewart Traill is a false christ. His words at the Grace Meeting and his behavior from the beginning of the Forever Family until now has pointed to this. Stewart may have started out as a false teacher, devoid of the Spirit, a waterless cloud, but by the time of the Grace Meeting he had become something worse. In his own words, Stewart said he took Jesus’ place. All evidence from that point in 1989 till now tells me that he never gave up that place in the hearts and minds of current members. Stewart led us astray and is continuing to lead current members astray. They do not respond to the Holy Spirit of God anymore. They only respond to Stewart and his spirit.

Current members, ask these questions. Get the answers. You are deceiving yourselves if you believe that being in COBU is equivalent to being faithful to Jesus. Your fruit is abhorrent to our Father. Stewart’s wickedness continues to exist on your watch. Will our Father not hold us to account for allowing Stewart to take His Son’s place and will He not require of us the consequences of allowing this idolatry?


5 Responses to “2011, 04/05. Questions for Current Members of The Church of Bible Understanding to Ask and Answer. (From Mike Montoya.)”

  1. Hector torres Says:

    I wish I could get a hold pasted stewert. I wanted to say thank you because you changes my life and what you are doing is good. Your story reminds me of Moses story when his people stared plotting and taking bad about him. I miss Johnny d too. Please someone get a hold of him for me. Hectorrorres7427@yahoo.com

    • James Says:


      Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. “Pasted stewert?” I think you mean Pastor Stewart. Hmmm, pasted stewert….. A typo is worth a thousand words, I think.

      I do remember that fear, that if I disagreed or questioned Stewart, that maybe God would punish me, like with the people who rebelled against Moses. Maybe not literally, but that God backed him up in everything – even the wrong things he was doing to us. Even to think he was doing something wrong was rebellion! To say it was sedition, and to talk to anyone else there that you thought this, conspiracy. Imagine living with a fear like that and under a system like that. And what craziness to think Stewart was good and benevolent and had good intentions toward us.

      That is sort of where you’re going with the mention of Moses there.

      You probably were not there for a long time, or were there in one of the better (not as bad) time periods. Were you one of the “Young Sheep?”

      If you would like to contact Stewart, you could try this number in Florida (954) 796-7407. He lives in a big mansion, which you can see by clicking on this link: Stewart’s house in Florida.

      If you want to try some local numbers, you could try their Olde Good Things store at these numbers:
      212-989-8401 or

  2. heather Says:

    I too came to rededicate my life to Christ through the love of sisters and brothers from the church of Bible understanding. Our Lord is a wonderful awesome God. I thank God for sending these faithful brothers and sisters our way. It was at a time in our lives when our daughter was dieing of cancer. She is now with the Lord, but God knew what we needed and he called us to be with Him very closely with this precious family. We are still in love with Christ and faithful, although no longer studying with COBU. The Lord has a path for each of us, and each of us will stand before Him to give an answer. God knows we each want to hear. “Well done good and faithful servant”. I praise God for this family! But as for Mr. Trail, well, he never ever did make himself personable as a brother. A number of times I did ask him to fellowship with my husband because he was having a tough time, and at the big meetings if they could pray for our daughter, but nothing. So one thing we know and I knew then is that Stewart is only human, he and Gail will stand in front of the same God as we all do. I just know that as a brother in Christ he lead well and the Lord will be the judge. I pray for you too. That the love of Christ would be foremost in your life, because He is the light of all men. He is the only way that we will be able to make it through all the mess of this world. There will be a time when all knees will bow. I pray that each of us would choose to do this before this time comes.

  3. Steven Says:

    I will say that I have had experiences as part of the COBU as a minor. When I was 13 my mother passed away and her sister was part of the church and my father felt that it would be good to let me go visit with her. However the entire 6 months I spent with them over 2 summers was really just a way for me to become a free source of work. Immediately i was scoffed off to the youth group which was really just a group of younger inner city philly and NYC kids whose parents were down and out. Them and myself were frequently shot off to worksites to “help” tear down buildings to find things to sell at the church business, or better to sit in the warehouse in Scranton and become “salesman. I was never compensated and was frequently worked from sun up to sundown. At the time I thought it was fun however towards the later parts of the visit they would start telling me that the only way to Christ was to move there and leave my family behind and to tell my father that htis is what I wanted. Luckily I was smart enough to not be sucked into this nonsense. I am glad I found this blog and thank you for somewhere to vent these memories.

    • James Says:

      Steven, it’s good that you didn’t go any further with COBU and Olde Good Things. You would still be working from sunup to sundown and being told you are worthless.

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