1. About The Tangled Web.

These are papers and letters I wrote while I was in the Church of Bible Understanding. They were my attempts to write down what was going on there, or to explain to others about it. There are also some things I wrote after leaving COBU.

Click on any of the links in the right column to read the Essays.

My Exit Statement was a paper I wrote and passed around to COBU members. It was my attempt to explain my dilemma. I was met with a wall of resistance when I tried to talk to anyone. (They only asked me, “What spirit are you speaking in?” And they told me, “Your own sin is your basic problem, not the other bad guys.” This meant two things. If I really was speaking in God’s spirit, I wouldn’t say these things or have any objections to the COBU way of life, because the COBU way of life was from God and if anyone disagreed with it, or did not follow it, they were in rebellion against God.

The contents of these pages is now available as an ebook called The Tangled Web: Letters from the Cult. Or, you may continue to read an earlier draft of this book right here on these pages.



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